How Can You Enforce Child Support?

can-enforce-child-support Credit: Nadezhda1906/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Enforcing child support involves asking the local or state child support service office to follow up with the delinquent noncustodial parent to ensure child support is paid promptly, according to DivorceNet from Nolo. Agencies have a variety of methods to compel payment in a timely manner.

Once the state child support agency begins to pursue the noncustodial parent for back payment of child support, it has several tools at its disposal. Wage deductions involve garnishment of wages from the noncustodial parent. If this happens, back support is taken out of the noncustodial parent's wages in addition to the regularly owed amount. If the noncustodial parent is due a tax refund, the state is allowed to go after that as well, notes DivorceNet.

Some other options, depending on state law, include suspending or even revoking the delinquent parent's driver's license or other professional licenses. Passport restrictions can keep the delinquent parent from renewing his travel documents and leaving the country. A legal order of contempt can place the delinquent parent in jail. The custodial parent must take matters to court to receive this sort of order. If the noncustodial parent lives in a different state, federal levels of prosecution also often join the struggle, states DivorceNet.