How Can You Find Emergency Housing Programs?


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Emergency housing programs are administered by local government organizations as well as select, not-for-profit agencies. These agencies have either been approved to help relocate people under federal housing programs or receive special grants to provide emergency housing services.

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Some common agencies that assist people with finding emergency shelter include homeless shelters, agencies that provide emergency and disaster relief, and local offices of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Emergency housing is also provided in many forms. Under some circumstances, people may be provided with hotel vouchers. Another program also provides housing assistance by helping people who otherwise cannot afford to pay rent. The Section 8 housing program modifies a tenant's rent based on income and then provides the difference to landlords.

Sometimes unused federal property is sold or provided to local communities at subsidized rates specifically to be used as shelters and housing for the poor or homeless. Additionally, there are special emergency housing programs for people who meet specific criteria, such as military veterans, the elderly or young people who are in crisis. Although the Department of Housing and Urban Development manages the funds for federal emergency housing programs, criteria for qualification is commonly determined at the local level.

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