How can you find free downloadable legal documents?


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Find free downloadable legal documents on websites such as LegalZoom.com, USLegal.com, LectLaw.com and Docracy.com. Docracy.com offers the ability to customize legal documents and update the documents and finalization through its online system, Docracy notes. LegalZoom allows customization of certain legal forms by state, Legal Zoom notes.

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Form on LectLaw.com include articles of incorporation, durable power of attorney forms, joint venture contracts and prenuptial agreements, the website explains. FreeLegalForms.net has a number of categories to choose from, including documents for child custody, employment, real estate transactions, bankruptcy and property leasing.

At LegalZoom.com, you can choose from a number of different legal forms, including business formation documents, wills and trusts, and affidavits.

USLegal's website provides users with links to free online government documents, such as student aid applications, IRS tax forms, passport applications and Social Security forms. The site also provides links to the Secretary of State forms for each state to obtain business tax and articles of incorporation forms.

Docracy's website is a community of freelancers and other professionals who create and share a variety of legal documents for free, the website explains. Attorneys also provide expert advice and legal contracts. All documents on Docracy's website are available for download and printing.

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