How Can You Download Free Power of Attorney Forms?

How Can You Download Free Power of Attorney Forms? offers free, downloadable power of attorney forms. The site features options that let users customize the forms according to the laws of their state. Having these forms makes it easier to bestow power of attorney before periods of incapacitation, states

The purpose of a power of attorney form is to give people the chance to appoint a close relative or friend to assist with the management of their affairs when they are unable to do so themselves. In situations involving different periods of incapacitation, ranging from extensive recovery periods after surgery to worsening conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, having a power of attorney in place keeps the courts from having to get involved with people's private affairs, notes

When establishing a power of attorney, the individual transferring over his affairs to a caretaker should discuss the likely length of the period of incapacitation and specific expectations during that time. This prevents future problems with other family members, creditors and the like. Before filing the power of attorney with the county clerk, it is wise to have an attorney review the paperwork to make sure it does not create loopholes or problems that could lead to turmoil in the family, states