Where Can You Find a Divorce Kit Online for Free?

Since laws vary by state, freebusinessforms.com has compiled links to the correct government website of each state containing the forms for divorce proceedings. Only some states allow online filing, but downloads include instructions.

County court websites are frequently the source of free legal forms, advises Lisa Magloff at Legal Zoom. Another route she mentions is contacting the local legal aid society; not all of them supply free divorce forms online, but the rest know where free paperwork is available. A final possibility is the state law library. Every state law library has contact information on its website, and many of them can supply you with free divorce packets.

It is perfectly practical for certain people to represent themselves in simpler uncontested divorces, attests Massachusetts divorce attorney Steven Ballard to the Boston Globe, but he advises strongly against appearing without representation in any disputes over child custody or marital assets without professional representation.