Where Can Disabled Veterans Find Housing Grants?


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The chief resource concerning all housing grants and other aid opportunities for disabled veterans is the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. There, one can peruse the different options, including the 2101(a) and 2101(b) grants, as well as temporary or transient grants, other loan possibilities and vouchers.

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Where Can Disabled Veterans Find Housing Grants?
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The first grant offered by said department is the VA2101(a) Specially Adapted Housing Grant, which offers up to half the price of a residence specifically outfitted to fulfill the needs of a disabled veteran, or a maximum of near 63,000 dollars in other situations. The VA2101(b) grant is similar to the first, but instead involves refitting an existing residence to accommodate the veteran's particular needs. This latter grant is especially applicable when the veteran nominates the remodeled home as a permanent residence.

For those soldiers unable to make a permanent designation with regard to residence, there are also temporary options available. The VA supplies a Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant geared at refitting residences where veterans are currently staying. Additionally, the VA supplies broader grant monies to local entities, such as charities or community organizations, that are engaged in offering transient housing to disabled veterans facing homelessness. Such funds are derived from the Grant and Per Diem Program.

In order to qualify for such grants, the veteran usually suffers from one or a combination of the following conditions: the complete loss or reduced use of their limbs; blindness or otherwise impaired sight; severe burn injuries; severe respiratory injury.

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