How Can I Determine the Age of My House?

can-determine-age-house Credit: Susan Wood/Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

You can find out the age of your house by performing basic online and public record searches, including going to your county?s Tax Assessor?s office or courthouse Register of Deeds for the title deed. Your city and county government offices should be able to provide the most up-to-date information about the age of your house.

Some additional ways to find out the age of your house include:

  • Contacting your realtor to see if they have information about the age or know how to obtain the information
  • Calling the previous owner to see if they know the age of the house
  • Reviewing your house sales agreement for the built date
  • Searching online real estate listings to see if a built date was published with the house listing
  • Checking around the neighborhood to see if the neighbors can give you any information about the age of the house

Whichever route you choose to find out about the age of your house, make sure to fact check the information that you receive. There may be times when you receive conflicting information from different sources. Receiving inaccurate information can happen when there has been construction performed on your house over the years, including room additions and roof replacement.