Can a Debt Collector Refuse a Partial Payment?


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According to Credit.com, debt collectors can refuse partial payment unless the collector and the debtor previously negotiated acceptance of such payments. It points out that the debt collector may be allowed to charge extra in the event of state allowance or the collector including fees and expenses in the contract.

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According to CreditCards.com, it is a popular myth that individuals are better off repeatedly sending smaller payments to debt collectors even if the payments are returned because it may look better upon a review of the account. However, they advise that an individual is better off saving that money until they feel it is a sufficient amount to help that individual negotiate with the debt collector. As CreditCards.com points out, this negotiation is like any other in that the debt collector has no reason to accept any kind of deal unless he feels that the debtor has something to offer such as a specific large payment that can be made within a short window of time.

One way of lessening or even eliminating the debt is to ask for paperwork verifying the exact money owed and what that debt is for, according to CreditCards.com. It points out that debt collecting hinges on proof of the debt itself, and in the event of little evidence of debt, the debt collector may cease contact.

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