How Can You Get a Free Criminal History Background Check? allows users to conduct criminal history background checks without charge and provides tools for filtering queries by state and city, explains PCWorld. Users in Missouri and Kansas can also carry out similar searches at the websites of organizations including the Kansas Department of Corrections, the Johnson County Kansas District Court Public Records and Missouri Highway Patrol, reports KCTV.

There are several methods that interested parties can use to conduct online background searches on subjects of interest for free, explains PCWorld. Those who are aware of their targets' names and other basic details can utilize advanced search techniques, such as enclosing queries in quotation marks, "jane doe," to find information on the Web. Users can further narrow their searches by augmenting their queries with a few cogent terms, for instance, "jane doe houston texas." Those interested in conducting site-specific searches should employ specialized phrases such as "jane doe."

Interested parties can also scour social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In for potentially useful background information on their subjects, notes PC World. Some of the filters that such users can utilize to narrow their searches include email address, workplace and location. However, this approach may not work on sites that are generally reticent about user information, such as Linked In, or if the intended targets keep their social media profiles private. Other sites that can help searchers find potentially useful background information on their targets include,, and