How Can You View the CPI Index for the Last 12 Months?


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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the Consumer Price Index; monthly and yearly information regarding the CPI is available on the bureau's website at BLS.gov. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers information on the CPI for every month and year dating back to January 1914.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a variety of data on the CPI and its effect on various sectors in the U.S. economy, such as medical care and all items except food and energy.

The Bureau releases both seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted CPI. Many factors influence prices, such as model changeovers, erratic weather conditions and holidays, and the Bureau calculates its data to reflect these elements in the seasonally adjusted tables. For example, prices for fruits and vegetables are usually higher in the non-harvest months.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' CPI information focuses on the earnings of people in urban areas. The Bureau publishes two sets of data on the CPI in relation to how citizens earn money, with one set including all people bringing in some level of funds and another showing the CPI related to hourly wage earners and people with clerical jobs only. A majority of workers earn an hourly wage or work in clerical jobs, so this data is a reflection of the CPI without the numbers being skewed by a small percentage of the very wealthy.

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