Where Can You Find Free Court Motion Forms?


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Some places to find free court motion forms include the Michigan State Court Administrator's Office website and the New York State Unified Court System website. The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts offers a free court-motion form database of federal forms organized by type of case. Additionally number of legal help websites also offer court motion forms, according to ServeNow.

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Many websites offer court motion forms that only apply to one state's courts or to the U.S. federal courts, according to ServeNow. Most state court administrators offer standardized and pre-approved court motion forms on the Internet.

The Michigan Trial Court Services Division has a committee that creates and distributes standardized court forms, according to the Michigan State Court Administrator's Office. The forms are available for printing and distribution to litigants, so local courts and independent publishers may have court motion forms available.

The Texas Legal Services Center organizes free court motion forms on their website by the type of case, explains the Texas Legal Services Center. Their free court motion forms come with explanations and tips for completing the forms. Similarly, the New York State Unified Court System organizes their court forms by the relevant case category for each type of motion.

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