How Can You Find a County Jail Phone Number?


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County jail phone numbers are usually located using a telephone search service such as Yellowpages.com or Whitepages.com, searching for key terms such as jail, prison or detention center, along with the appropriate region, according to the respective websites. Alternatively, contacting city government offices or related law enforcement departments, such as police departments, can sometimes provide information on county jail facilities and the appropriate contact information, as noted on the website for Washington County, Arkansas.

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The keywords used in the search can be important, as not all counties have jail facilities and not all jails operate as independent entities. In some counties, detention centers operate out of local police stations. In the same vein, different institutions may operate under different titles, such as "detention center" or "correction center" rather than "jail."

A good alternative source is to do a search for the sheriff's office of a particular county, using a more general search engine such as Google.com or Yahoo.com. Each county in the United States has a county sheriff, and many sheriff's departments have a website that includes information on county detention centers, according to the website for the Cook County sheriff in Illinois. Those county sheriff departments that do not list jail contact information generally do include contact information for an official who can provide the detailed information about local detention and correction facilities and how to contact personnel in charge of the facilities.

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