How Can You Get a Copy of a Deed?


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You can typically obtain a copy of a deed at your local county clerk or county recorder's office that records legal documents, explains San Francisco Gate. A local recorder's office is usually located in a county government building or the county courthouse.

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There is likely to be a small fee charged for you to search and print your deed. The recorder's office may stamp the deed as a certified copy to deem it a true and accurate copy of the document, says San Francisco Gate. It's possible your county recorder's office may offer an online service available through the office's website that may allow you to view, purchase and print a copy of recorded deeds.

If you are not successful with your local county clerk or recorder's office, it may be a bit more difficult for you to obtain a copy of your deed. You may then want to check with your mortgage lender to determine if they have a copy of your deed in their records, or contact the seller of the property to see if he kept a copy o the deed. Subsequently, you could check with the title company that may have helped prepare the deed at the time of transfer, explains San Francisco Gate.

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