Where Can You Get Copies of Federal Indictments?


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Various courthouses or Federal Record Centers, or FRCs, house paper copies of federal indictments, according to the U.S. Courts website. Depending on the year they were filed, electronic copies of federal indictments can be found online.

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Public Access to Court Electronic Records is an Internet-based public access service. The database allows users to look up court documents. PACER is somewhat limited, as information filed before 1999 cannot be found online. For those records, users must go to a local FRC. The U.S. Courts website has a court locator feature that lists locations.

As of 2015, there is a $64 fee to view files online. Accessing files through PACER costs 10 cents per page, with a maximum charge of $3.00 per document. The public access terminals at the courthouses charge 10 cents per page, and they charge 50 cents to copy a document. There is a limit to which files are accessible, as some are destroyed after a period of time.

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