How Can You Contact the SNAP Centers in Brooklyn?

can-contact-snap-centers-brooklyn Credit: Alan Copson/Photolibrary/Getty Images

It is possible to contact any of the SNAP Centers in Brooklyn by phone. The numbers for the Coney Island location are 929-221-3611 and 929-221-3537. The East New York site can be reached at 718-827-3961 or 718-827-3444.

The Fort Greene center's telephone numbers are 718-473-8510 and 718-694-8196. In North Brooklyn, call 718-398-5057 or 718-636-7046. Finally, the Williamsburg site is reachable at 718-963-5115 or 718-963-5140.

SNAP Centers provide the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which used to be identified as "food stamps." Over 1.8 low-income New Yorkers are helped by SNAP. The program provides support for people to choose healthy eating options.