How Can You Contact a Federal Prison Inmate?


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It is possible to contact federal prison inmates by calling them, writing to them or sending them an email. All of these communications pass through the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which means they are sometimes subject to monitoring.

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Prison inmates usually have calling privileges, which allow them to maintain contact with family and friends, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Inmates can pay for the call, or the person they are calling can choose to pay. Sometimes these calls are subject to restrictions, and this varies according to the Federal Bureau of Prison's policies. Although inmates may make private calls to their lawyer on occasion, all calls to friends and family are supervised.

As inmates who maintain contact with friends and family on the outside are more likely to rehabilitate, they can use the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System, or TRULINCS, to send and receive emails. Inmates must be pre-authorized to use this system, and they can only send messages that are less than 13,000 characters. All inmates must agree to surveillance, before using TRULINCS.

Inmates are able to receive special mail that the authorities only open in their presence, and general mail that is opened before they receive it. They may also use this system to receive a publication subscription. Inmates need to obtain special permission before receiving packages, and they may also receive money using MoneyGram, Western Union or via the United States Postal Service, as stated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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