Where Can You Do Community Service?


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Community service is the act of contributing effort toward the good of the community, whether or not it is done voluntarily. Where community service can take place depends in large part on why the community service is being performed. Community service can be chosen by the person or group doing the work, or imposed on them as part of a legal sentence or as a requirement for graduation.

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The motivation behind the act of community service usually dictates where the effort takes place. According to Kids Health, performing community service as a family helps children learn the pleasure of contributing, plus it strengthens the bonds among family members and between families and their communities. University of Nebraska at Lincoln notes that, this type of service can be as simple as helping children choose or make gifts for the elderly or as labor-intensive as painting a park mural. Where the family performs community service depends on several factors, such as: the family's interests, skills and time commitments.

The AASA School Superintendents Association states that many schools require community service not only to teach the importance of volunteerism, but to give students the chance to learn valuable skills involved in completing various tasks. Community service can range from organizing a petition drive for a pet cause to running or walking in a race to volunteering with a non-profit organization.

Findlaw explains that court-imposed community service can be requested by the offender or doled out by a Judge, who takes into consideration the defendant's particular skills and crime. The Daily Beast notes that Kanye West taught fashion at local colleges as part of a plea deal in an assault charge, while less famous offenders can educate the public against their crimes or work at local animal shelters.

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