Where Can You Find the Code Sections for the Californial Penal Code?


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The code sections for the California Penal Code are available online at leginfo.legislature.CA.gov, according to the California State Legislature's website. The Penal Code is available by clicking the California Law link at the top of the home page and then clicking the Penal Code-PEN link.

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The California Penal Code is divided into six parts, as indicated on the website. Part one covers crime and punishment, part two covers criminal procedures and part three covers imprisonment and the death penalty.

Part four of the California Penal Code details prevention of crimes and apprehension of criminals, notes the California Legislature's website. Part five covers peace officer memorials, and part six covers control of deadly weapons. A search of the California Penal Code is available by clicking the Text Search link and selecting codes or entering search words or phrases.

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