How Can You Find Child Support Guidelines for Texas?

As of December 2015, child support guidelines for Texas are on the website for the Texas Attorney General, The Frequently Asked Questions page explains many of the ground rules for the state, such as what the child support system is, what is it able to do, who is permitted to apply and where to file for support. FAQs also cover what information the attorney general's office needs to locate noncustodial parents and time variations for receiving child support.

The main page for the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General's website connects to paperwork that many applicants need, including a child support complaint form, application for new birth certificate, direct deposit form and military affidavit. Forms pertaining to the Texas Administrative Code are also available, such as a motion to stay, notice of lien, request for hearing and petition to suspend license.

In addition, the Child Support Division page explains how to apply for services online or over the phone. There are informational links concerning child support evaders, available services and publications. The page also contains information for noncustodial parents. This includes links to details about how, when and why paternity is established. Noncustodial parents receive guidance on making payments in person, by phone, online or through the mail.