How Can You Get Free Child Custody Documents?

Find free child custody forms as listed by state through the links at Links available at the site lead the user to sites on which he may find custody and visitation forms for the New York courts, a parenting plan from the Supreme Court of the State of New York, child custody forms from the Massachusetts Trial Court Libraries, and Family Law Forms from the Maryland Judiciary

Among the specific forms offered by the New York courts include petition for custody or visitation, order for custody and visitation, writ for habeas corpus, and petition for modification of order for visitation, according the This site also offers related forms and information on child support and child protective issues.

Massachusetts authorities provide forms that include an affidavit for care and custody and complaint for support-custody-parenting time, as listed in Those who want custody of their child and separation support from a spouse may also find forms here.

In Maryland, forms provided include complaint for custody and petition for contempt because of denial of visitations, as seen in The site also offers instructions for filling out the specific forms and other related forms such as financial record forms and requests for waiver of prepaid costs.