How Can You Check Texas Benefits?

can-check-texas-benefits Credit: Rachel Weill/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Individuals who applied for Texas benefits can check the status directly from the Your Texas Benefits webpage or by calling the toll-free number located on the site. These benefits include food stamps, long-term care, Medicare savings programs, health care benefits and cash assistance.

The first step to checking Texas Benefits is to apply for them. The steps below show how to apply for Texas Benefits, create an account and view or make changes to a case.

  1. Apply for benefits
  2. Apply for Texas Benefits by clicking the "Apply for Benefits" link at the top of the Your Texas Benefits website.

  3. Set up an account
  4. In order to start the application process, individuals must create an account with a valid e-mail and create a password.

  5. Fill in the information requested
  6. Answer all the questions that are asked during the application process and provide all the necessary information required for approval. The application can be saved to work on a later date if there is not enough time to complete it in one sitting.

  7. View status
  8. Once the application process is complete, view the status of the benefits by clicking "View My Case" at the top of the page. When the application is approved, the benefits amounts and details are displayed.

  9. Manage the benefits
  10. Through the "View My Case" section of the website, individuals can report any changes to the case, renew benefits, schedule and view appointment times, sign up for e-mail alerts, upload photos and other documents required by the case worker and print a Medicaid card.