How Can You Check the Status of Your SSI Check?

To check on the status of a check or any other part of a disability claim through SSI, the first step is to call the local Social Security office. Depending on where your file is at that point in time, you may also want to call your state disability agency.

The local Social Security office where you filed your initial disability claim has the contact information for the disability examiner at the state level who makes the determination on your case. The examiner may not tell you about the decision related to your claim, but he may have information to update you on the processing status. In some cases, the examiner must wait for medical records from one of your providers.

The only person who can tell you about the decision itself is the Social Security office representative. However, once the state disability examiner finishes with the file, he often sends it to a quality review office for an audit. They have the authority to alter the decision before returning the file to the Social Security office, which is why the state examiner can't provide information about the decision itself.

To make sure the system is working, it's a good idea to call about 30 days after filing the initial claim to see if the agency has all of the necessary medical records. It is also important to follow up with your doctor or hospital to get the records where they need to go.