How Can You Check Your SSN Details?


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To verify your government employment eligibility records, you have to check your SSN details on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' website. According to uscis.gov, the online platform requires you to enter your identification data, take a brief identification quiz and provide documentation data to view your results.

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U.S. Citizens check their Social Security Number details to compare information against the government's databases. The first step is to provide personal information such as names, address and birth dates. The self-check service sends the information to other third party assurance providers to confirm the information. You are then required to confirm your identity by answering a brief quiz about your personal information. Next, you provide additional documentation information, including your SSN, citizenship details or any immigration documentation. The self-check tool compares the information against government records and provides feedback on your employment eligibility.

The online tool also identifies any differences between the data you provide and that in government records. It also provides you with the procedure to correct the records. According to ssa.gov, SSN details are important to employers for wage reporting purposes. Correct information facilitates accurate annual report wage submissions. These reports determine the employees' future social security benefits.

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