How Can You Check Your Food Stamps Balance in Texas?

can-check-food-stamps-balance-texas Credit: Jetta Productions/Blend Images/Getty Images

Food stamp benefit balances in Texas can be checked by calling the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program customer service line at 800-777-7328. Balances are also printed on your most recent grocery receipt.

Texas SNAP benefits are administered through the Texas Lone Star card, which works like a debit card. Have the TLS card number ready when calling the SNAP customer service line to inquire about the card balance. The SNAP customer service line can also assist with changing your card PIN number, reporting your card lost or stolen or any other general questions about SNAP benefits and TLS card use.

SNAP benefits can be used at any store that accepts food stamps. The benefits can only be used to purchase food. A receipt is provided for every grocery purchase with the TLS card, and the balance left on the card is printed on every receipt, but the location on the receipt varies depending on the store. If you have any questions about the balance printed on the receipt, call the SNAP customer service line.

Texas does not offer online TLS card balance inquiries as of April 2015. Monthly SNAP benefits are loaded automatically on TLS cards. The schedule for SNAP benefit disbursements is available at