How Can You Check Divorce Records for Free?

Check divorce records for free online with at government offices such as the Arizona Judicial Branch, the Lee County, Florida, Clerk of Court or the Oakland County, Michigan, Clerk of the Court. A complete state court list is linked on the National Center for State Courts website.

Navigate to the Arizona Judicial Branch website, and after completing the verification, you can search all Arizona cases, including divorce cases, by entering at least the last name of one of the parties to the divorce. To further limit search results, enter the party’s first name, date of birth and which court heard the divorce case.

The Lee County Clerk of Court provides an online case inquiry that includes divorce cases and records. Click Online Services, accept the disclaimer, click Court Records Public Search, then select Family Law, enter the search information, and click Search.

The Oakland County Court Explore shows all documents on a divorce case, the parties to the divorce and their attorneys, if any. Searching the database is free, but copies of the documents referenced on the docket sheets must be purchased.