How Can I Check Darlington County Detention Center Bookings?

To check Darlington County Detention Center bookings, a person should go to Darlington County Detention Center's official website and click on the hyperlink titled Bookings/Releases. This link takes the user to a screen where he has several options, including looking for current bookings and former inmates.

Other search parameters that are usable include finding an inmate by charges, finding an inmate with just a portion of a name and finding an inmate by the arrested person's intake date. The user also has an option of opening up the complete inmate list, where it is possible to search for the inmate via a complete database.

If the person who is searching is unfamiliar with criminal charges, he can also open up a list of different charges that can be searched. For example, searching for robbery brings up inmates booked on that charge only. Additionally, local news channel 13 WBTW often announces inmate bookings on its official website.

The Darlington County Detention Center is located at 2349 Rogers Road, Darlington, SC, 29532, as of November 2014. Visiting hours for inmates are on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 10 p.m. Questions about inmate bookings can also be phoned in to the detention center's general phone number, which is 843-398-4220 as of November 2014.