Where Can You Find a Chart Showing the U.S. National Debt by Year?


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As of 2015, a good place to see charts of the U.S. national debt by year is the US Government Spending site. The site covers the years of debt spanning from 1792 to 2015.

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The US Government Spending site covers the areas of gross public debt, accumulated gross federal debt, deficits and interest payments. Until the 1930s, the U.S. only went into debt to cover the costs of wars and conflicts. It was not until the Roosevelt administration that economic and non-war-related debt occurred as a result of the Great Depression.

Another good location to find charts and graphs of the U.S. national debt is the government site Treasury Direct. The website breaks down annual debt beginning in 1790. The site also covers the history of the U.S. debt and the impact that large wars, including World War I and II had on the level of debt. Users can also find reports and analysis on the countries debt.

The first Treasury Secretary was Alexander Hamilton, and he is credited with the creation of the federal debt in the mid 1790s. The most common cause of an increasing national debt is government spending. As of 2015, over 6.1 trillion dollars of the U.S. national debt is owned by foreign countries.

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