How Can You Change a Birth Date on a Naturalization Application?

If the naturalization application contains an error such as an incorrect date of birth, the applicant can file a form N-565 with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, advises Nolo. This form is an application for a replacement naturalization document. If the error is due to the applicant filling out the initial paperwork incorrectly or if the applicant takes the oath of citizenship before correcting the error, there is a filing fee for the correction.

Along with the form N-565, the applicant must provide the original naturalization certificate, an explanation of the error, and a birth certificate or other official document that proves the correct date of birth, states Nolo. If the applicant provided the correct date of birth on his initial application and the USCIS is responsible for entering the information incorrectly, the applicant should also attach a copy of the application to demonstrate this. The error may take several months to correct, so if the applicant needs an updated naturalization certificate sooner than that, he can request expedited service.

The naturalization certificate must accurately state the person's name and date of birth as well as other personal information, according to Nolo. It should also specify where the person applied for naturalization, and the date and place of the naturalization ceremony. For a certificate to be valid, it must also contain a signature or stamp from the USCIS director.