How Can You Challenge a Traffic Ticket?


A traffic ticket can be challenged by questioning the police officer's objective conclusion or observation of your actions. You can also try proving your conduct was a mistake of fact, legally justified, or necessary to avoid harm, according to

Challenging an officer's subjective conclusion can be argued by saying your actions were safe and responsible considering prevailing traffic conditions, states It is helpful to your case to point out the officer was not positioned in a good location to see what occurred. Securing statements from witnesses who are willing to testify is always beneficial. A mistake of fact can be shown, for example, by taking a picture of old and faded pedestrian crosswalk markers or an obscured sign to support your argument to the judge that you could not see the sign or markings.

To fight a ticket on grounds of being legally justified, an example is saying you were forced to stop on the freeway because your vehicle was making loud and dangerous sounds, or you were feeling sudden chest pains and needed to pull over, explains In a case when you were speeding, you can say you were trying to avoid a car swerving ahead with a flat tire, or you had to swerve to avoid hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle. It can be tricky to fight a traffic ticket successfully, but just because you got one does not necessarily mean you deserved to receive a ticket.