Can You Take a CCW Practice Test Online?

As of June 2015, practice tests for concealed handgun permits are available at and, according to the company websites. The Gunthorp handgun safety course is approved for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah and Florida permits. Concealed Carry Institute's course complies with Virginia law and is accepted in many other states.

Concealed Carry Institute offers a handgun safety class and an online test, as noted on Virginia residents who pass the test can print out their certificates and take them to their local circuit courts to apply for their permits. Nonresidents can take the class, obtain a Virginia nonresident permit, and use it to carry concealed weapons in their home states, if their states accept Virginia permits. The Virginia State Police provide nonresident applications packets. Iowa, Idaho, Wyoming and Oregon residents can take their Certificates of Completion and apply at their state's issuing agency or sheriff's office, explains Concealed Carry Institute.