How Can You Get a Canadian Permanent Resident Card?

To get a Canadian permanent resident card, applicants must gain permanent resident status, fill out the application forms, pay the fees and send the application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, as described on the department's official website. Applicants who want to replace stolen, lost or damaged cards must take some additional steps.

A permanent resident card is a card that provides proof of permanent resident status in Canada. It serves as an important travel document for landed immigrants in Canada, allowing them to leave and return to the country as desired. Landed immigrants automatically receive cards when they gain permanent resident status; however, they must renew their cards every five years. In order to apply for a new card, residents must be present in Canada for 730 days out of five years, notes To apply for a new permanent resident card, use the steps below.

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Forms and application instructions are available on the official CIC website.

  3. Supply supporting documents
  4. Supporting documents include a photocopy of the current card, a copy of a valid passport and documents listed in the document checklist in the application package. Applicants who do not have valid passports can supply a copy of the passport they held when they gained permanent resident status.

  5. Include photos
  6. Include two photos with the application. These must meet the specifications described in the application package.

  7. Pay the fees
  8. Pay the fees online or at a financial institution. To pay the fees online, pay through the online payment system by credit card, print the receipt of payment and add it to the application package. To pay fees at a bank, fill out the payment receipt form, bring it to the bank, pay the fees and include the form in the application package.

  9. Send in the application
  10. Mail the application to the address supplied on the CIC website.