Who Can Call You If You Are on the Do Not Call Registry?

Even if you are on the Do Not Call Registry, you can still receive telephone survey and information calls, calls from political and charitable organizations and calls related to debt collection. In addition, you can still receive sales calls if you recently conducted business with the caller.

The Do Not Call Registry only covers unsolicited sales calls. If you want to stop receiving sales calls from a company with which you conducted recent business, call or email the company directly, and request that it stop attempting to contact you. Federal law requires the company to abide by this request. If the company continues to make calls, it is a good idea to send a complaint to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Be sure to make a note of the date you asked the company to stop sending unsolicited calls.

The FTC provides a Web complaint form and phone number for those wanting to report illegal sales calls or robocalls. To block calls that cannot be blocked through the Do Not Call Registry, contact your phone company to see about blocking certain numbers. Some phone companies charge a fee for this service. Some smartphones also have apps that block unwanted calls.