What Can the California Department of Labor Do to Help You Find a Job?

What Can the California Department of Labor Do to Help You Find a Job?

The California Department of Labor assists job seekers through its Employment Development Department by providing access to a self service jobs database, education and vocational training and job fairs and workshops. Additional services are available to veterans, older workers and handicapped applicants.

CalJOBS is an online database of available jobs in California accessible to the job seeker independently or through terminals located in local workforce locations. People who lack computer skills can receive assistance from workforce development personnel. The system also includes resume building tools, access to career resources and information on available education and training programs.

Assistance is provided to help applicants locate eligible education and training providers. Basic training can help users get a GED or brush up on their math, English and reading skills. Vocational training is available to help individuals develop skills for jobs that are in high demand, and on-the-job-training and apprentice partnerships allow people to gain job skills in a working environment.

The Employment Development Department coordinates and holds job fairs at various California workforce centers. A listing of upcoming events is available on CalJOBS and categorized by region, between Northern and Southern California and the Los Angeles and Ventura region.

Special representatives are available to help veterans take full advantage of all available opportunities. Handicapped and older workers have access to America's Job Center of California to guaranty they receive universal access to all available employment opportunities.