Where Can I Buy Military Surplus?


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People can buy military surplus from online sellers, at military surplus stores and through auctions. Everything from personal property to office equipment to vehicles are available for purchase through military surplus.

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Military surplus items are often priced below cost or at a fair market value. Sometimes, the surplus store or website is selling used goods, which are often gently used. People can, for instance, find vehicles that have been driven for under 100,000 miles for pennies on the dollar. At other times, military surplus stores or auctions are selling seized goods or items from foreclosures. Still others are selling extra equipment from the military.

The method of buying depends on the outlet. Military surplus stores function like any other shop, with posted nonnegotiable prices. Some online retailers operate the same way. However, at both online and in-person auctions, people bid on the items. For instance, GovSales serves as a hub for online auctions. Users register, browse and bid on desired items. They can purchase land, trucks, tools and even houses through the site.

Military surplus stores also sell military-specific items such as camouflage clothing, dog tags and tactical gear. Some of these items have historical value, dating as far back as the first and second world war, while others are contemporary.

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