Can You Buy a Handmade Katana?


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The online retailer SwordsSwords and the sword evaluation company Nihonto-Samuraisword, Ltd. explain that there are no legal prohibitions against the shipment of swords, including handmade katanas, in the United States. Paul Southren of Sword Buyers Guide describes U.S. sword collectors as "spoiled" due to the ease of purchasing them.

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Can You Buy a Handmade Katana?
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The U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express and United Parcel Service all permit the shipment of swords. Japanese sword polisher David Hofhine suggests removing the blade from the handle and taping it to a straight piece of wood to protect the blade and discourage theft. The Japanese Sword Society of the United States notes that, in Japan, swords are considered weapons and have legal restrictions applied to them.

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