Where Can I Find Blank Power of Attorney Forms Online for Free?


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Blank power of attorney forms are available from several online resources, but one of the most comprehensive collections of free forms is accessible from PowerofAttorney.com. The forms are separated by the 50 U.S. states, with explanations of the individual types of POA designations based on state laws.

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Where Can I Find Blank Power of Attorney Forms Online for Free?
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An example of forms available from PowerofAttorney.com is the collection for Washington State. Based on the options presented when clicking on a link for Washington State, site visitors can download forms for durable power of attorney and general power of attorney, as well as limited, medical, tax and guardianship of minor child power of attorney forms. The forms are printable directly from the site, and they are free unless users choose an editable version of the form, which incurs a fee, according to the website pricing feature.

Free POA forms are also available from LawDepot, along with explanations about how to specify which powers a person can designate to his chosen power of attorney representative. The options include granting powers for real estate, business, family, finance and personal property, according to LawDepot. The company also states that the "attorney-in-fact," which is a legal term for the POA representative, must not be under the age of majority in the pertinent state, cannot be in a current state of bankruptcy and must not be the owner or employee of an institution that provides the principle person with treatment or long-term care.

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