Where Can You Find Free Blank Will Forms?

Free will and testament forms with fill-in-the-blank sections are available at websites such as Law Depot, and the wills are customized for each state, as shown on the Law Depot website. Free will forms include standard legal language to empower an executor to oversee an estate.

Fill-in-the-blank will forms are suitable for individuals who have simple needs in the area of estate assets, explains Bankrate. Online wills are helpful for people with few assets who foresee no difficulties concerning the distribution of assets among beneficiaries. When choosing a do-it-yourself will, individuals must take care to use a form that best fits their needs and ensure that its wording leaves no doubt about who gets what. Mistakes made in a will often lead to beneficiaries spending lots of time and money contesting the will in court, claims Reuters.

State laws force courts to invalidate wills that are missing crucial elements such as witness signatures. States require a will to have two or three witness signatures, and uncontested wills linger in probate without them, reports Reuters. Confusing language is another problem that holds up the execution of a will, and legal software programs sometimes do more harm than good. Self-written wills should be reviewed by an attorney to avoid disputes among survivors.