How Can You Find Your Biological Parents for Free?

How Can You Find Your Biological Parents for Free?

How Can You Find Your Biological Parents for Free?

Many people look for their biological parents in order to learn more about their family history and where they came from and discover if they have any other biological relatives. If you were adopted and want to know about your heritage and genetics, there are several ways you can locate your biological parents for free.

  1. Collect all the information available to you

    Put the information about your biological parents in a paper folder or a computer file. Scan paper items, attach them to an email, and email them to yourself. Store the information in a folder labeled "My Biological Parents."

  2. Join online discussion groups for adoptees

    Participate in discussion forums, and seek advice from group members who are experienced searchers. Read the posts that these discussion groups have created, and learn from the detailed search information that they provide.

  3. Register with free online search sites

    Check out reunion databases for people searching for their biological parents. Provide your contact details in one of these databases.

  4. Contact those that have relevant information

    Question your foster or adoptive parents, the adoption agency that processed your adoption, and anyone who may have met with your biological parents during the time that you were connected to them.

  5. Use online social media sites

    Register with online social networking sites to find your biological parents. Perform searches on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Ask friends to share any of your posts related to your search.