How Can a Beneficiary Increase His Supplemental Security Income Benefits?


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A beneficiary can increase his Supplemental Security Income benefits by using a plan to achieve self-support to establish and maintain his benefits. Supplemental Security Income benefits help people with disabilities become independent by enabling them take advantage of employment opportunities, states the Social Security website.

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Work incentive employment helps blind and disabled SSI beneficiaries to work by lessening the risk of losing their benefits. Some incentives enable the elderly not to count some of their resources or income according to Social Security. Blind people, for example, may be eligible to continue to receive medical coverage even when they are not eligible for cash awards notes the Social Security website.

Blind people can take advantage of many work incentive programs, states the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The different types of income people receive can be used to determine the SSI benefit amount. SSI benefits are available to anyone who meets the stipulated eligibility requirements. Unlike Social Security, which is financed by specific payroll taxes, SSI comes from general revenues.

SSI benefits are instrumental in lessening the number of people in abject poverty and significantly reduces the burden on friends and family members. Approximately 40 percent of SSI beneficiaries stay in homes with incomes below the poverty threshold, according to Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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