How Can You Become a Citizen of Canada?

can-become-citizen-canada Credit: Chris Cheadle/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

To become a citizen of Canada, applicants must be 18 years of age or older, speak and write in either French or English, and already be a permanent resident. The applicant must also have resided in Canada for three of the previous four years prior to application.

To begin the process of applying for Canadian citizenship, applicants visit the official website of the Canadian government to download the Canadian citizenship application package. Adults age 18 or older fill out the "Application for Canadian Citizenship – Adults." Parents or guardians fill out the "Application for Canadian Citizenship – Minors" on behalf of their children. Both types of application are filed together. There is also a special application form that allows faster approval of citizenship for members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

After filling out the application, the next step is to attach photocopies of any required documentation. The application package includes an instruction guide and document checklist for reference.

Next, applicants remit any necessary fees either online or via certain Canadian financial institutions. Once paid, application fees are nonrefundable. The final step in the process is to submit the application. Routine applications for citizenship take up to 24 months to finalize.