Where Can I Ask an Immigration Lawyer Free Questions Online?

People seeking reliable, free legal advice and information about various immigration issues are able to find lawyers at WelcometoUSA.gov. This website provides links to a list of individuals and organizations approved by the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals, or BIA. WelcometoUSA.gov's main goals are to provide user-friendly information for new immigrants about basic settlement issues and about federal and community resources.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, states that people are often able to obtain free legal advice from state bar associations, organizations of immigration lawyers, and other groups with the credentials to assist in immigration matters. Please note that USCIS recommends consulting with attorneys who are members in good standing with a legal bar that is affiliated with the United States or its territories. Any attorney who has been admitted to such a bar is likely willing to show his credentials.

When seeking legal representation for immigration matters in the United States, choose accredited representatives who work for recognized organizations, notes USCIS. These representatives have authority to practice before the immigration courts, the BIA or USCIS. Other individuals, such as immigration consultants and notaries public, are not authorized to represent immigrants in an official legal capacity. However, these individuals are able to provide assistance with filling out preprinted immigration forms.