How Can You Get Into the Army Infantry?


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To get into the U.S. Army infantry requires a minimum score on a series of aptitude tests called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. The ASVAB also determines what occupational areas an enlistee may excel in. If an applicant qualifies for the infantry, there is a 14-week training period that takes place both in the classroom and in the field that covers basic combat training and advanced individual training.

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Characteristics that are helpful in becoming an infantryman include a willingness to accept challenges, performing well under stress, being in good physical and mental shape, and working well as a team member. The infantry is a land-combat force, and it is responsible for defending the country, as well as capturing, destroying or repelling enemies of the United States on land. An infantryman may be a member of a fire team, participate in drills and actual combat, help move vehicles, troops and weaponry, be involved in reconnaissance missions, handle prisoners of war and any captured enemy documents, and be responsible for the maintenance, storage and use of combat weapons, such as rifles, machine guns and antitank mines. The skills learned as an infantryman apply to many different careers after leaving the Army.

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