How Can You Find Arizona Arrest Records?


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Arizona arrest records can be located on various websites including the Arizona Judicial System, located at AzCourts.gov, as of 2014. Individuals can search through public arrest records, criminal, civil and family court cases and details about filings, judgments and arrests on the website, if the information is a matter of public record. In addition, arrest records can be obtained at the local police department where the arrest was made.

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Arrest records can also be requested in person at the courthouse in the county in which the arrest was made, as well as the court records pertaining to the case. When searching the website or requesting arrest records in person, the requester can search for the records by detailing the name of the person arrested, individuals involved in the case or the date of arrest to narrow the search.

The arrest record typically includes the full police report detailing the events that led to the arrest and any comments or feedback from the arresting officer. If warrants were obtained for the arrest, the justification for the warrant is often included in the arrest record. Supplemental information, such as a designated court date, witnesses and a narrative of the events or crime, are typically included in the arrest record.

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