Who Can Apply for a Grant to Receive Money From the Government?

Government, education, public housing, and non-profit organizations, along with small businesses, some larger for-profit organizations, and in some cases individuals, can apply for grants from the government, according to Grants.gov. Native American tribal governments are also eligible to apply for government grants.

Grant-eligible government organizations consist of smaller local entities such as state and city or township governments. Education organizations include independent school districts all the way up to institutions of higher learning, including private universities. Non-profit organizations that are eligible to apply can have a status other than 501(c)(3) with the IRS, claims Grants.gov.

Small businesses must fall within U.S. Small Business Administration size standards for individual industries. Some examples of these standards include a maximum of 100 employees for the wholesale trade industry, a maximum of $6 million in annual revenues for the retail and service industries, and a maximum of $28.5 million in annual revenues for most general and heavy construction industries, according to Grants.gov.

Although these groups can apply for government grants, eligibility is determined based on the specific standards set for each grant. At any given time, there may or may not be grants available for each organization, explains Grants.gov. Grants for individuals typically have very specific eligibility requirements and occur infrequently.