How Can You Apply for the Army OCS in Six Steps?


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Apply for the Army officer candidate school in six steps by meeting the requirements, completing an application, completing a security questionnaire, having a medical exam, taking a physical test and having an interview. Before entering OCS, candidates must also complete basic combat training.

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  1. Meet the requirements

    Apply for OCS if you are a U.S. citizen, have a four-year college degree, are between 19 and 29 years old or 30 to 34 with a waiver and are able to obtain a security clearance.

  2. Complete an application

    Complete an application for appointment at an Army recruiting office. Agree to a minimum of three years of active duty after finishing the OCS course.

  3. Complete a security questionnaire

    Fill out an SF Form 86 security clearance questionnaire. It asks for information on your birth, citizenship, where you live currently and have lived in the past, schools attended, employment history, military history, foreign countries visited, financial history, relatives, references, military record, police record and use of drugs.

  4. Have a medical exam

    Have a complete medical examination to ensure you meet the physical requirements for service, including vision requirements, height/weight standard, absence of medical conditions, physical defects or contagious diseases that would make you unfit for duty.

  5. Take a physical test

    Take a physical fitness test to ensure you are fit enough for training and duty. It consists of pushups, situps and a 2-mile run.

  6. Have an interview

    Have an interview with the Recruiting Battalion OCS Board. Commissioned officers ask questions to determine your leadership potential.

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