How Can an American Protest Against Human Rights Violations in Africa?


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It's possible to protest human rights in Africa from the United States by participating with charities like Amnesty International, FIDH and Human Rights Watch. There are multiple ways to become involved, including letter writing and supporting charities through events.

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Amnesty International is a leading human rights organization that protests against human rights violations worldwide. Its campaigns change as world issues evolve, but can include fair policing worldwide, access to contraceptives and women's issues. Individuals who want to protest against violations can write letters to politicians in the United States and other countries, sign petitions, participate in events that raise awareness and donate money. FIDH focuses on multiple issues, but it aims to ensure lawyers, journalists and others who uphold human rights worldwide make their voices heard. The charity has a particularly strong interest in the prevention of torture. Those wishing to protest can participate in ongoing campaigns via social media, write letters, sign petitions and become social media ambassadors.

Human Rights Watch focuses on ways countries worldwide can uphold the human rights of those who don't have many. Campaigns in 2015 included encouraging President Obama to prevent the use of torture worldwide, discouraging countries from using landmines and encouraging tobacco companies to limit the use of child labor.

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