Where Can You Find Active Arrest Warrants in Indiana?

As of January 2016, active arrest warrants in Indiana are posted on TheMostWanted.net and Black Book Online. At TheMostWanted.net, choose a state and county from the drop-down menus. The next page displays names and photos of individuals with active warrants, along with information about the pertinent law enforcement agency.

Clicking on a photo at TheMostWanted.net connects to a physical description of the individual and the type of warrant issued, as noted on the website.

At Black Book Online, the Indiana Arrest Warrants page displays links to warrants listed alphabetically by county, notes the company. Clicking on the Arrest Warrant link connects to a warrants page for that county's law enforcement agency. In addition, the Indiana Black Book Online has information about the state's most wanted fugitives, probation violators and deadbeat parents.