How Can You Access Texas Building Codes?


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Texas building codes are accessible by searching the Texas State Law Library, the county or city clerk's office in the city or county, or the public library, states the Texas State Law Library. Texas building codes are adopted via statutes, ordinances and administrative rules. Additionally, counties and municipalities may adopt local building codes.

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Building codes are scientifically-based safety standards that govern specifications for structures being newly built or renovated, notes the Texas State Law Library. Texas building codes provide instructions and practices for maintaining industry and safety standards for electrical systems, plumbing fixtures, construction practices and disability access. Other topics that building codes can cover include lead paint, fireplace construction and energy conservation. These technical codes are usually published by independent organizations such as the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the International Code Council, and the National Fire Protection Association. If you are unable to locate specific building codes through the online database, the clerk's office and the public library are valuable alternative sources.

The overall goal of building codes is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public, according to the Texas Historical Commission. While Texas does not have a building code that regulates the state as a whole, it does have specific regulations for new constructions and remodels. Local governments have the power to adopt or modify a specific building code so that it meets requirements of a particular environmental condition. The best way to find building codes in this case is to contact the local building authority in a specific city or state.

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