How Can You Access a Tea Party Voter Guide Online?

How Can You Access a Tea Party Voter Guide Online? is a resource for all information regarding Tea-Party-endorsed candidates and each candidate's stance on popular issues. Many states and highly populated regions also have Tea Party websites and blogs with information regarding local candidates and important issues that are relevant to the state.

Almost every state has a website, blog or other domain where members talk about the ideals of the Tea Party. On these platforms, users and moderators discuss candidates and their stances and how they can further the Tea Party agenda on a local, state and national level. On, for example, the site creators discuss the future speaking locations of candidates and urge Tea Party members to support those individuals. An Orange County group at provides full articles on all candidates and explains how their wins and losses affect the Tea Party agenda.

Once elections draw near, many of these sites display ballot images or finalized lists of candidates. These candidates are highly recommended because they share similar interests to the Tea Party movement, and moderators on these sites frequently urge followers to vote for every candidate listed. To obtain relevant information for your area, search for a local Tea Party organization, and visit its website.