Where Can You Access a Free Name Lookup Online?

Free name lookups are available online on websites such as 411.com, AnyWho.com and PeopleSmart.com. AnyWho and 411.com also offer business searches and phone lookups, while PeopleSmart features phone number, address and email searches. PeopleSmart is free to use, but premium services are available for a fee.

PeopleSmart provides users with up-to-date public records information, such as court records, state and county records, criminal records, court-runner reports and background reports. Individuals can hide personal information on PeopleSmart by using privacy controls and the opt-out system. PeopleSmart is affiliated with companies such as GoodHire, Identity.com and Archives. Free users have a limited number of searches; however, unlimited search plans are available as quarterly, monthly and yearly memberships.

AnyWho gathers business and people search results from Yellow Pages and White Pages. Only the last name is required for name lookups, although including first name, city, state and ZIP code results in more accurate results. AnyWho updates database information on a weekly basis. AnyWho also features location mapping and area and zip code lookups.

Name searches on 411.com show cell phone and landine numbers, including the service providers. The person's address is listed with an accompanying map that shows the relative area. Individuals can click Neighbors to show nearby residents. Previous addresses and people the individual might know are also listed on the page.